Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Quantum Dance Seen in Enormous Flocks of Birds

A quantum-entangled state allows birds to navigate and connect to other birds for seemingly choreographed  aerial displays. 

In this video, individual birds may be connected as one living organism. Recent discoveries in quantum entanglement would explain their amazing ability not to crash into one another as an actual connection to the group could exist and information (a sense of movement) could be shared through this connection. 

This is a flock of at least several hundred thousand grackles; none of them crash or split away from the group. They remain silent for the most part until they start diving into the resting areas—once they are released from the group. You will hear at one point a bird is very loud and seems distressed. It is possible the bird is trapped within the current of movement and unable to break away from the unity of the group, as that unity is stronger than its individual will to escape. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Computer Vs. Banjo - Give up on Ghosts.wmv

This song had a role in the creation of 
Quantum Orchestra: distorting the notes of reality by Craig Smedley 
and is woven into the book.