Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Classified Government Programs Threaten Existence

A man that worked at Los Alamos Labs comes out of hiding to give an undercover interview and warn the world about top secret government programs that utilize quantum energy.

There is a global race to use quantum energy (often called vacuum energy or zero-point energy). Scientists are destroying and manipulating the properties of quantum energy with no regard for the consequences.

Quantum energy's potential seems to be only limited by one's imagination. It has mystical properties that will rewrite the laws of creation and existence. This resonating energy floods the universe and programs are underway to find a way to utilize it as a source of energy. Some other programs using this energy are: quantum encryption, quantum communications, quantum computing, quantum warfare and some scientists even speculate that it will be used in the future for time travel.

The book Quantum Orchestra, distorting the notes of reality, by Craig Smedley shares some of the consequences of reaping quantum energy:

It disconnects us from an ethereal consciousness in the spiritual dimension, it changes the physical states and associated energy of quantum matter, it could be used to influence the emotional states of the masses, it will disrupt the magnetic resonance of the planet, it destroys the earth's 'immune system,' it mutates DNA and information that directs cell development, it can alter the atmosphere and change weather patterns and storm intensity, it will disrupt primordial instincts and extrasensory abilities of all creatures, it can take down communications and fill the atmosphere with energetic plasma and cause incalculable cataclysmic events. I could summarize with something Doc had said, “We are removing the thread from the substrate of matter and undoing the divine fabric of existence.”

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